? Webinars with Professor Bill

Webinars with Professor Bill

Personal Finance is the focus of these Online Seminars. The goal is to bridge the wealth gap through financial education via two tracks: Basic and Premium Webinars

You might say that the Basic Webinars deal with consumer consumption. The focus is to reduce the costs of goods and services, thus creating more discretionary income for long-range plans.

The Premium Webinars deal with managing risk. The goal here is to move from being a saver to being an investor. While there are several areas we could focus on, we elected to focus on Children's Education and Retirement Planning.

There is a common theme that is present in all the Webinars and that is the behavior of money over time. I am confident that with a grasp of this topic, the concepts and principles associated with the other Webinars will come easier. I have also developed a special stand-alone Webinar titled - Time Value of Money without calculator. There is no charge for this Webinar. I strongly suggest you view this presentation before engaging in the other Webinars. Click here to access it. If you would like have a hands on approach as to how money behaves over time sign up for the Time Value of Money - Calculator.


I have successfully used the Webinar technology for over five years for tutoring. I have had as many as 11 participants online at one time. Each participant can see my screen, which usually has a PowerPoint presentation, and we are all connected via a voice bridge, it really works well. Everybody can hear the presenter as well as each other. First time users should allow about 20 extra minutes for the program to download to your computer. I will use different vendors for different Webinars. There are no additional costs to you for using any vendor or the phone bridge.


The price for the Basic Webinars is $29.95 each. The Time Value of Money - Calculator is priced at $39.95. The remaining Premium Webinars are priced at $34.95 each. Please visit the Schedule and Registration link for discount information.

Webinar Schedule

At the end of each month I will post the Webinar schedule on the website for upcoming month. Webinars will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will begin promptly at 7PM eastern time. Breaking News! Webinars will also be held on Saturdays, 9AM.


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Professor Bill