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William W. Keating, Jr. aka Professor, Bill is firmly entrenched in the business of personal finance. He likes to be thought of as a consumer advocate, because he is all about helping consumers fend for themselves against the giants. Professor Bill has been a consumer since the fifties and involved in the personal finance education business since the mid-eighties. Most of what he writes about is based on large doses of been there, done that. He believes that in the world of consumer finance, education alone will not do it. Due to the mathematical complexity of the topic, the consumer needs tools that will do the tough calculations and provide the information needed for better decision making.

He is a self-taught computer programmer and has developed and marketed a number of software programs. The remainder of what he writes about is based on academic training and his own personal research. Professor Bill received his B.S. degree from The Johns Hopkins University and his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.

In 1984, he opted for an early retirement program from AT&T/W.E.Co. to begin a new career in financial services. He obtained a Life/Health insurance license and the Series 6, 63, and 26 security licenses and went to set the world on fire. Even though he developed a great sales presentation, he had only moderate success. He was perplexed. He soon discovered that families were not investing in education and retirement plans for a very simple reason: Despite their large homes and cars, people were broke. They were in huge debt and had little or no discretionary income. In other words, they were leveraged to the hilt. He wondered how such bright, educated, and well-paid people could be in such debt. People who practiced financial leverage did not see themselves as having a debt problem. After all, they were meeting their monthly financial obligations. What was the problem? He soon realized that few individuals, regardless of their education and well-being, know much about money management.

Professor Bill shifted his personal financial planning focus from the investment side to the money management. He has since developed and delivered numerous courses on a variety of personal finance topics, all designed to enhance consumer understanding. He also has contributed to many newspaper articles and has made radio and TV appearances on topics of personal finance.

Professor Bill currently is an inactive adjunct faculty member at The Johns Hopkins University. Besides teaching a variety of finance subjects in the M.B.A. program, he spends a great deal of time counseling families on money management issues. He also has spent several years designing, developing and delivering software products. He knows a strong need exists for the various kinds of information he can provide.

Bill served three years in the U. S. Army and was honorably discharged as a Sgt. He also worked on the space program as a communication technician. He supported several flights, including the historic orbiting of the earth by Col. John Glenn and Scott Carpenter in the Friendship 7 capsule. Bill was based in Kano, Nigeria, West Africa.

The on line seminars is his most recent effort to reach the masses, the goal remains the same - provide the consumer with the education, knowledge, and tools to make better financial decisions.