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Home Ownership ($29.95)

Accounting The foundation of the wealth building activities is home ownership. This home ownership is like having a giant long-term investment account. Over the course of time, especially around retirement age, you home has both financial equity and market equity. This could be a substantial amount of cash, but be careful; the Reverse Mortgage guys are watching you. Smart people stay away from them. Many seniors sell their homes and move into a smaller home or just lease. The proceeds are often used to supplement their retirement plan.

In this Webinar we will discuss home ownership from two perspectives:

  1. Rent vs. buy and
  2. Reducing the costs of home ownership.
It has been my experience that there are numerous families that are renting and they could be buying. I'll do the math for you.

Secondly, we can reduce the costs of home ownership but when and how it should be done are questions the Webinar will answer.

We first focus on Home Ownership and the discussion points are:

Next we will focus on Refinancing and discuss the following:
We will also discuss Mortgage Acceleration, exploring the different types as well as when you should do this. We close with a discussion of Reverse Mortgages exploring the Pros and Cons, mostly the Cons.

This is a very important Webinar; I believe home ownership is the foundation of wealth building and can become a source of funds for retirement.

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