? Webinars with Professor Bill

Investing ($34.95)

By now you appreciate that most of the savings vehicles offered by banks and insurance companies and even the Federal Government often do us more harm than good. So, what are we to do? The answer: Learn to INVEST!

In this Webinar we identify our basic investing needs which are:

We next construct the investment profile and some of the components considered are: inflation beater, liquidity, systematic investing, diversification, and many more.

We use a simple model to get an understating of the risk / return relationship and learn there are some rather simple ways to reduce risk.

We next discuss issues relative to portfolio management such life cycle securities and portfolio balancing.

In closing we review the services of three Vendors of Investment services: Lipper, Morningstar and Investment Company Institute.

Morningstar is our choice, you will be impressed how over 5,000 securities fit into just 9 categories, I was. This made security selection relatively easy based on our needs.

You will find this information supports a variety of personal finance topics such as education planning, retirement planning and even the emergency fund.