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lc loans
What we are actually dealing with are products from these institutions. We believe we are saving money, when technically, we are making Savings Products to them. For example, when we purchase certain government securities that gives us a return that does not compensate us for inflation, to me, that is a low interest loan. The same goes for most of the bank products, some of their products give no return at all.

The insurance industry finds ways to have us give them excess premiums so they can make investments. Our returns, most often, are low and seldom include an inflation factor. I would classify this, too, as a low interest loan.

In this Webinar we bring to light the various products that we should avoid and in most cases we provide alternatives to those products.

The government and banking products are pretty easy to identify and to develop alternatives. The insurance industry is a little more complicated, consequently, most of this Webinar is spent on life insurance and annuities. The outline is as follows:

Life Insurance


By the end of this Webinar you will be in a better position to deal with the various life insurance products, you will avoid certain government securities and you will develop a strategy for the use of banking products.

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