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Personal Finance - Introduction

Mistakes! Mistakes! Mistakes! The first 10-15 years of my marriage it seems as though I made one financial mistake after another. I would purchase life insurance and after a few years someone would convince me that I needed another policy or that I could get another policy and wouldn't have to pay a penny more. I knew something was not right, but I didn't have a clue as to what was wrong. I once purchased a mutual fund and a few years later someone convinced me to transfer the cash to a much safer product, an annuity. When my first son started college we cashed in a wheel barrow full of savings bonds. Wow, that was just enough money for three semesters at Dartmouth. I must have consolidated my debt three times and I was still in debt. In retrospect it seemed as though I was making financial blunders two or three times a year. I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing and neither did my sources of free advice. I had to rely on the suggestions of the sales person. I have since learned to: Never ask the fox how to get out of the hen house.

After I completed the Time Value of Money (TVM) chapters in my MBA program at the University of Chicago, things began to change financially. It didn't take me long to rectify most of the financial mistakes I had made. With a firm understanding of TVM, I could clearly understand the principles and concepts behind those products offered by banks and insurance companies. Please take the TVM -without calculator Webinar before taking any of the other personal finance Webinars, TVM really helped me! It's free, click here.

DISCOVERY: Most financial mistakes are at the tactical level and thus are mathematically based. TVM is the perfect candidate for to rectify these mistakes. Soon after becoming financially literate I added a sub-title to TVM - Financial Literacy. I believe financial literacy is having the understanding and the ability to apply TVM to your financial issues and opportunities. As a finance instructor one of my favorite sayings was, "Understand TVM and you will have great financial success, master it and the world will beat a path to your door." In addition to financial literacy, two other things are needed to effectively manage your personal finances, knowledge/information and tools. Tools remove the math from the process of finding the solution.

Even though I was having great success reversing past financial errors, I still felt lost. I didn't have a plan. It would take me several more years to address Personal Finance at the strategic level. I needed a strategy that would address both the short and long term financial needs of my family.

The strategy to meet short and long term financial involves wealth building. The chart below identifies most of my wealth building activities:
Note that each of these activities (now Webinars) have their own unique knowledge and information requirements, as well as their TVM requirements (when needed) or Tools.

As you begin to correct past mistakes, you can expect lots of resistance from the "foxes" who are guarding the hen house -- they do not want you to leave them. After all they have made a fortune from your financial illiteracy. When I switched my type of life insurance my agent called to meet with me, I told him that would not be necessary, and he had wasted enough of my precious time. Let me repeat my saying: "never ask the fox how to get out of the hen house".

The most common thread running through all of the wealth building activities is the need for education. You can obtain this education through these Webinars.

Two additional important inputs needed to successfully implement many of the wealth building activities are: (1) Discretionary Income and (2) Financial Literacy. Our Webinars can help you get there.

The goal of wealth building is to become embarrassingly RICH before retirement age.

We currently cover most the wealth building activities, there are one or two more and we will cover them through our Special Webinars.

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