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Time Value of Money-Calculator ($39.95)

I can't think of a more important topic in both corporate and personal finance. It's everywhere. TVM is a cash flow analysis tool used to make very important decisions relative to the investing and spending of capital.

The focus for this Webinar is TVM and the calculator, specifically the Texas Instrument BA II calculator. Please do not register for this session without a financial calculator, preferably the BA II. If your financial calculator is not a BA II, you will struggle to keep pace. Check EBAY, they cost as little as $20.

I have always said that if one understands TVM, you will control your financial destiny; if you master it, the world will be a path to your door. While with AT&T/W.E.Co. I took an Engineering Economics course, in-house, which was my first real exposure to TVM. I eventually made a name for myself by applying TVM to product life cycle analyses, which increased my company's competitive edge for various products. For one analysis in particular, the company credited me with 192 million dollars in incremental sales.

The first thing we will do is to review the Rule of 72, next, I will go over some of the more important functions of your calculator; the Webinar will teach you the use of functions such as:

Next we will delve into the various functions related to cash flow analyses, which will begin with compounding and discounting. For each of the following we will work at least one problem together: You will have several problems to solve after the session is completed.